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The presentation of Kostas Mountzouris of the video on world conference of contemporary mosaic in Vienna 2014

Sounds of stone. Music of stone. When I cut tesserae this metallic sound produced by stone or glass crushing, createsa rythm, creates music. Music is my company when I cut. I listen, a lot and lots of music. Finally, a mosaic of sounds is composed during my mosaic work.

Mosaic and music, two relatives that Muses gave them birth. Poetry was born by Muses as well. Poetry – Poesis - creation – demiourgia. The last word is made by Demos, which means Public and Ergon which means production.

A Homeric hymn honors as civilizers, those who combined head and hand. Thus in the archaic period, crafts and community were indissociable.

So, as stones carry the history of the earth, poetry records this fact; and Giorgos Seferis, whose 50 years from his Nobel Award in Literature we celebrated in 2013, gives a great focus on that. My ultimate mosaic is a tribute to the poetry of Seferis. It is made by poor materials, as wood and carbon.

An art that in past was often created by though imperial commisions, today , can also use common materials as in 'arte povera', without loosing its dynamism, its energy, its psychological aspect.
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