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About my mosaics

My attraction to mosaic art was instantaneous, invincible and endless. From the very first moment that I realised this connection and decided to explore this art, by studying its "secrets" and becoming a creator myself, my biggest satisfaction has been this: the absolute personal enjoyment of personal involvement. Using nothing but my own hands. A choice that enriches my itinerary with variety, diversity and multilingualism without ending. This is my handmade Odyssey. My destination, the journey.

Also, this topos. What an inspiration. The tradition of its Mosaic Art, characterized by multiple typologies and surprising applications, always worked wonders for me and my art. The exceptional use of materials, the ingenious solutions through binders, the radical expressive innovations, all seem to have a common root planted deeply in the very soul of this topos' history.

Moreover, the profound and on-going study on mosaic art masterpieces, act as a catalyst for me and affects my designing style, my research for materials and the way I determine the right size and shape of the tesserae for every project. The use of tools that are exactly the same as the ancient ones, the dynamic use of the void, creating non-planar surfaces through different drafts and different slopes of each chip, help me create my own projects hopefully characterized by personal identity and style.

My art matures. My Odyssey continues. My goal is to turn the heterogeneous and discontinuous into homogeneous and compact. Dynamic and active. So that every wall, every floor, every portable or 3D surface that I create is an unlimited game of countless possibilities, numerous combinations. An eternal dialogue and interaction between lineaments, rhythms, colors.

My dedication to mosaic art bares no distractions. My journey is indeed an Odyssey.
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