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Ideogram of olive tree and kokoloi, 2013

The ideogram of Olive tree pays respect to a forgotten old scripture, the so called Linear B from the 13th century b. C. in Crete, Greece, a way of scripture, like that is still used in China and Japan. The olive tree is considered to be a gift of nature to the people of the Meditarranean, a strong symbol of wisdom and a crucially essential element of healthy nutrition. Sadly, today, there are olive trees, existing for centuries, that are being stolen from their natural enviroment to be planted in gardens and villas around central Europe, for decoration purposes. My intent is to speak up and act against such a brutal phenomenon that stigmatizes the Mediterranean area.

Kokoloi (An "asarotos agros", agros = meadow, as I would dare to call it) is a very old word that orally survived in Arcadia and refers to the unritten law that allows the poor to enter the olive fields and collect the leftover olives that have fallen from the trees.

Dimensions: 120 x 80cm
Materials: natural stones, various pieces of marble, gold tesserae and smalt.

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