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Studying and teaching mosaic art and its secrets asks for priorities. First comes the introduction in mosaic world. Then, the different typologies. Later on the study of the huge heritage of the mosaics of the Hellenistic, Roman, Early and Classical Byzantine eras. And finally the study of all later tradition.

Some of the most important topics are: the research of the materials, the relations between them, their elaboration, the research of binders for the substrates and the experimentation with new materials and original applications.

The variety of what is presented in each class, the typologies, styles, techniques and applications depend on the duration and purpose of the courses.

As a tutor, my proposal for begginer students is to enter the world of mosaic art step by step. Step one may be the making of a replica of an ancient mosaic, as an easy introduction to approaching the technique of mosaic art and start creating projects using the direct method in a temporary substrate thus this method simulates the ancient ones and gives a real impression of working in situ.

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The participants, depending on the time they have, are given the opportunity to practice on diverse techniques :
Direct method on provisory substrate
Direct method in final substrate
Direct method on plexus
Indirect method on clothe or paper
Method on wax and mastic
Creation of pebble mosaics

The design and the colour constitute the basis for the materialization of an idea. So the creation of a cartoon-like image is the compass that guides students throughout the creative phase.

The research on materials, the final placement of the work, the lighting, the adhesives, the mortars or binders that we must use, determine the choice of the appropriate technique.

The mosaics created in class are personal projects, reproductions of ancient mosaics or transcriptions of paintings, applied works, objects, wall-in, portables, floor mosaics.

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