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Mosaic art is a very challenging one. The materials that I cut, by hands, to form the tesserae, are quite "cold", hard and very tough to handle. More over, they originate from a far away place in time and are destined to last for even much longer. It is indeed a very old art. And it asks for respect. Trying to make it contemporary, by giving it modern "rhythm", plasticity and movement, is a puzzle that needs to be carefully solved. The final result is multi faceted since the tesserae interact with light hence their special (non flat) placement creates diverse effects depending on light.

My approach on the enchanting Mosaic Cosmos is based on an artistic, visual and technical paradox: using void to make space. To me, this is a key to mosaic art. Respecting the interstice. Respecting the void between the tesserae. This is what keeps the work together, making the void one of the most valuable parts of the creation. Creating space from void. Recreating a new compact and durable image, a new wholesome amalgamate surface, by composing pieces of matter that have been fragmented before. "Hugging" the gaps with substance. Creating something deeply powerfull around total absence.


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